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We know that having the right DJ can make a big difference for your special day. We specialize in being your Wedding DJ, Birthday Party DJ, Corporate Event DJ, Master of Ceremonies and live sound services. We are your one stop shop for all your entertainment needs.


We have a strong reputation for creating the environment our clients are looking for. We have state of the art audio equipment and skilled DJs that will keep you happy with our services. We provide full service for the entire event. Our customers all always pleased by our professional staff and competitive prices. We are ready to help you with your DJ needs. We have a number of available DJs so we can often book your date when others can’t. We continuously train our DJs in the latest skills and keep our music library up to date.


We offer many types of music both old and new. We can completely plan for your music preferences or you can provide us with a playlist of songs you want to hear. 


We offer many genres of music for your event. We have microphones for special announcements, guest toasts, calling your bridesmaids to the dancefloor or any other special need you may have. We take the lead on microphone usage from our client. 


Call now to speak to one of our qualified DJs. We want to ensure all your questions are answered and that you get your date booked.


Entertainment is our passion, our mission and our job and we are 100% dedicated to it. We serve exclusively residents of St. Louis and neighboring parts of Missouri and Illinois in order to stay focused and serve you better. Being local means understanding better your needs and your requirements than any other company. We setup at least an hour before your event to ensure we are ready when you are. 


Looking for a DJ near you? We are the best DJs servicing Saint Louis and we work hard to remain on top. Our main focus is customer service once we receive your call. Get in touch now for a free quote.

Best DJ Services in St. Louis, Missouri 


We offer a wide range of entertainment services in and around St.Louis, and also the rest of Saint Louis County:

Weddings (We are the center of your reception entertainment, we help you plan your for these special moments, see the wedding section of the services page for more details or call us )

Birthday Party

Corporate Events

Hosting Events

Audio Equipment Services 

School Dances including homecoming and prom

And much more…


Our prices are extremely competitive without being too cheap. We make sure that our fees are affordable so every party planner can use our services without breaking the bank. It is our responsibility to provide reliable services in St. Louis and in Saint Louis County. Keep your costs low while getting access to premier DJ services in Missouri.


Making this Disc Jockey company a success has taken us many hours of hard work and patience. We strive to deliver great DJ services to our fellow residents in St. Louis, MO. Our rates are among the most affordable in the region and we use only state-of-the-art audio equipment and accessories.


Our DJs know the right equipment for the job. Our DJs are masters as using the best hardware and software used in the industry to enhance your experience. Our speakers can be as loud as you need them with deep base and crisp high tones. Our transitions are smooth using physical and software mixers, CDJS, vinyl, high quality music files, etc. We mix the right songs with each other. We know how to keep the music flowing and your guests dancing. 


Every time you need a Disc Jockey (DJ), you know who to call! “I need a DJ near me” this is what we often hear from our customers and that is why we have created our local DJ service in St. Louis, MO. Just call us at (314) 310-0108, we look forward to hearing from you soon. You will get an estimate instantly by asking one of our trained professional DJs.


We employ a great team of music specialists who will go the extra mile to ensure you have the event you dream of. DJ and MC work are more than a business, they are a passion for us since we love to help people out. You will never have to worry about charges since we charge only what is necessary and reasonable based on your current situation.

An Entertainment you can rely on in St. Louis, MO


We have reliable, professional, trustworthy team that is dedicated to provide you a guaranteed red carpet treatment. We have assembled a skilled team of from all over the metro area of St. Louis and have purchased the best speakers, mixers, audio controllers and more to go with them. No event is too complicated or simple for us to provide value.


Get in touch with us today at (314) 310-0108 and get a free quote over the phone based on the type of event, your event’s location and the time slot needed. Our services are second to none and you can rest assured that we will not let you down and will not rest until you and your guest have an awesome time.


We serve these areas (and many more)


63005 (Chesterfield)

63108 (St. Louis)

63133 (Pagedale)

63011 (Ballwin)

63109 (St. Louis)

63134 (Berkeley)

63017 (Chesterfield)

63110 (St. Louis)

63135 (Ferguson)

63021 (Ballwin)

63111 (St. Louis)

63136 (Jennings)

63031 (Florissant)

63112 (St. Louis)

63137 (Bellefontaine Neighbors)

63033 (Florissant)

63113 (St. Louis)

63138 (Spanish Lake)

63034 (Old Jamestown)

63114 (Overland)

63139 (St. Louis)

63038 (Wildwood)

63115 (St. Louis)

63140 (Kinloch)

63040 (Wildwood)

63116 (St. Louis)

63141 (Creve Coeur)

63042 (Hazelwood)

63117 (Richmond Heights)

63143 (Maplewood)

63043 (Maryland Heights)

63118 (St. Louis)

63144 (Brentwood)

63044 (Bridgeton)

63119 (Webster Groves)

63146 (Saint Louis)

63045 (Earth City)

63120 (St. Louis)

63147 (St. Louis)

63074 (St. Ann)

63121 (Northwoods)

63155 (St. Louis)

63088 (Valley Park)

63122 (Kirkwood)

63301 (St. Charles)

63101 (St. Louis)

63124 (Ladue)

63303 (St. Charles)

63102 (St. Louis)

63126 (Crestwood)

63304 (Saint Charles)

63103 (St. Louis)

63127 (Sunset Hills)

63362 (Moscow Mills)

63104 (St. Louis)

63129 (Oakville)

63366 (OFallon)

63105 (Clayton)

63130 (University City)

63367 (Lake St. Louis)

63106 (St. Louis)

63131 (Des Peres)

63368 (OFallon)

63107 (St. Louis)

63132 (Olivette)

63376 (St. Peters)