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How to Plan Your Upcoming Reunion

Reunions are a great way of sharing memories and reconnecting with old friends, former classmates and family. Reunions offer an excellent platform for reminiscing on old memories while sharing laughs with friends. Reunions provide the chance of catching up to renew relationships and getting to know the changes that have taken place in their lives. When organized on campus, reunions give alumni the chance to have a look around and see the changes that have elapsed over the years. Reunions also provide an opportunity to build new networks with old friends and family that may be professionals in different industries. This guide gives an overview of the main factors to consider when planning a reunion.


It is essential to have ample time to plan to ensure a successful reunion. It usually takes at least four to six months to plan a reunion properly. This is in order to address all the details involved and to give sufficient notice to all those invited for the reunion. Planning well in advance ensures a large turn out for the event. The breakdown for an event timeline is included below.

5-6 Months Out

  • Formation of the planning committee

  • Selection of the reunion date

  • First committee meeting

  • Research potential venues for the reunion

  • Preparation of a preliminary budget

  • making a list of potential guests and attendees

  • Sending out the “Mark Your Calendar” or “Save the Date” emails

  • Creation of a social media group to publish announcements, provide an easy place to post photos and give people a way to keep in touch before, during and after the reunion

  • Research accommodation options for the reunion

  • Research of caterers and entertainment options

3-4 Months Out

  • Final selection of location and booking of venues

  • Second committee meeting

  • Setting of the final budget

  • Setting of final prices for events, tshirts, etc.

  • Making of accommodation arrangements (early booking)

  • Selection and booking of the caterer

  • Find event Entertainment and/or Equipment (St. Louis DJ Service can help 314-310-0108 )

  • Create a list of ideas for reunion activities

  • Confirmation of special guests, speakers and presentations

  • Sending invitations via Social Media, Email and Mail

  • Setting up social media pages (Facebook, WhatsApp)

1-2 Months Out

  • Finding a photographer or videographer for important moments

  • Finalize the list of reunion activities

  • Third committee meeting

  • Continued promotion of event on social media

  • Sending out reminder emails to guests

  • Final confirmation of all locations

  • Confirm booking with the caterer

  • Follow up with any entertainment or equipment vendors (St. Louis DJ Service can help here)

Final week

  • Fourth committee meeting

  • Final readjustment of the budget with final costs

  • Confirmation of bookings for the venue

  • Pick up favors, t-shirts or other materials

  • Final confirmation of accommodation bookings

  • Sending out reminders to guests including addresses to locations and general directions

  • Confirm special guests and speakers


On the day of the reunion. It is essential to have a list of agendas and activities to make the reunion fun and engaging for all the guests. The following are some ideas for the reunion activities that will ensure all the guests have a good time.

  • Engagement Forum allowing important speakers, elders and other special guests to discuss a topic

  • Meet and greet session where guests can interact and catchup

  • Fashion show with guests modeling old T-shirts, athletic uniforms and other past fashion items from an important year or decade

  • Reunion dance with good music by the event DJ and the music band booked for the event

  • BBQ, Brunch, cookout lunch or formal dinner

  • Games and team sports

  • Video scrapbook in the form of PowerPoint presentation made of old photos and videos

  • A photo backdrop will give attendees a great place to create memorable photos

Action Points/Checklist

To ensure that all activities are well planned for the reunion, the planning committee needs to have a checklist with all the significant action points. A checklist for reunion planners is included below.

  • Confirmation of event date and location

  • Select date

  • Book a venue for the event

  • Preparation of event budget

  • Prepare budget projections

  • Set ticket prices

  • Communication with members

  • Send out invitation emails

  • Create Facebook and WhatsApp groups

  • Send out personalized invitations

  • Plan reunion activities and agenda

  • Select and book service providers

  • Caterer

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Organize entertainment

  • Book the event DJ

  • Book music band

  • Decorations and registration

  • Print registration materials

  • Purchase decorations

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