What it means to have a mobile DJ

A mobile DJ is one that has the ability to setup almost anywhere. He/she has the equipment to adapt to your location. DJ jobs that do not require mobility are radio, club and video gigs. More often than not, we want our DJ to come to us. We want our wedding reception on the beach or a family reunion in the park, a party at a rental hall, etc. A mobile DJ will assess your location and provides you quality entertainment anywhere.

Your DJ should have a variety of equipment

Ideally your DJ will have the same equipment that an entertainment venue has. Typically at minimum they will have a DJ Controller and or turn tables, a mixer, speakers, a laptop, and a generator for outdoor events where electric is difficult to source and a small overhead tent. The tent may sound odd but this is sensitive equipment, taking outdoor gigs in the elements can expose equipment to excessive heat and moisture, the tent will protect from most of those hazards. Your DJ will often also have backup equipment for several of these components in case they fail. All technology is subject to failure and we account for those scenarios the best we can.

Your DJ should be asking questions about your location

Your DJ asking about the place of your event means they are planning for the amount of audio equipment they will need and how to place it for proper acoustics. If they are not concerned about where you are having your event, that is a red flag.


Your DJ should allow you to set a base playlist

Your DJ should allow you to provide a list with songs you want to hear and and DO NOT want to hear. This way you ensure the songs you love are played and the songs you hate are not. 


Your DJ should know how to play music to the situation

Your location can effect the mood of your event. A outdoor hot and sunny day will inspire a different set of songs than an indoor corporate event. Ensure your DJ understands your music preferences and look for feedback on how to handle any location specific questions. 

Supporting Equipment

Depending on your event, you may want some additional lighting or multiple microphones. These items are not guaranteed to be provided. If you want special equipment discuss this with your DJ early. Many Disc Jockeys have this equipment or can rent it for a fee but they must know ahead of time.   


Last but not least your DJ should have a contract that details the price, time they will be at your venue and services they’ll provide you. If your DJ does can not provide a contract in a few days, that is a red flag. Mobile DJs often need to alter their standard contract due to the needs of an event since each event is different and held in a different location.



Administrative Stuff

Now that you have found your DJ with personality, they know your music, have state of the art equipment and a solid contract, it helps to address these topics before the Big Day. 


 If you are serving food at your event, inform your vendors if you plan to feed them or not. Your Dee Jay is usually at your event longer than you are. It is good etiquette to let your contractors know if they will be able to eat. Otherwise many professionals will assume they cannot eat until offered. Knowing ahead of time allows for your DJ to pack a snack if no food is provided. Most of us perform better when we are not hungry. Keep that in mind. 

How Many People

It may seem like an odd question but a DJ has a lot of expensive, heavy and sensitive equipment. It is not odd to bring along people to carry, setup, maintain or watch this valuable equipment. Being a DJ is a live performance, so there are little to no breaks, having a relieve person to allow for a restroom break, or help with carrying and securing equipment is often needed. Having 1-3 helpers may be needed depending on the size of your venue and setup.  More than 3 helpers may be excessive. Having an agreement on the maximum number of people with each vendor can avoid surprises at your event.